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@IyanlaVanzant: How long are you going to hold on to the things that are not working in your best interest?
Been quiet for a while contemplating what was next, being a good person and moving forward.

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Apps To Help You Buy Your Next Home

Good to know I’ve already got majority of these apps to aid my journey. Thanks for the article

Linda Altomare - Cutler Real Estate


Apps to Help You Buy Your Next Home

“There’s an app for that!” is a common expression in this day and age, for everything you do. Buying a new home is quite a process. It requires a lot of different steps and an immense attention to detail. Fortunately, mobile apps aren’t all for fun and games, they can help you stay organized and even help you find your next home. Here are eight apps that you can reference to help you through the process of buying your next home.


This app will help you to find the homes for sale in the area you wish to move. It can also be helpful if you are selling your existing home, as it will help you determine the price range at which homes are currently selling.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma allows you to check your credit score, on a regular basis…

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Transparency week 12

So the budget has been pretty much screwed but I have been trying to get a hold on it.
Last week I was hit with a garnishment for $370 from a Vet bill which I thought was paid off 2 years ago. I had an automatic payment which seems to draft whenever instead of when scheduled and the vendor claims its my fault, like huh? So just trying to get past the frustration since its almost paid off.
I was able to get 3 erroneous delinquent tradelines removed from my credit report, so on track to raise my score for the home purchase in 2yrs.


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Back to normal???

I haven’t been blogging due to:

-coming to terms with getting a divorce we didn’t want but was needed due to circumstances
-coming to terms that all grew up knowing and what I thought shaped me was now causing conflict in my heart

But after reading through some emails today, the @candidbelle reminded me that life will continue to throw things my way and my faith and determination will sustain me regardless. So I will get back to my original purpose which is to document my journey, good and not so good.


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I am so blessed to have reached my 40th birthday, I’ve been loved my whole life first by my parents and extended family and then my two best friends who helped me raise my two girls, Briana and Amia.

I love to party with my family and friends.

I’m looking forward to my next chapter. #40thbirthday

♫ Music: Everyday Birthday – Swizz Beatz made with @flipagram .

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Hump Day motivation


Needed this message today, just wanted to stay in bed and sleep but I have too many other things to do.

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Home Buyer Checklist – A Comprehensive Guide

Great no nonsense article with facts

Manage Your Means

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home or buying your 14th property as a landlord, there are many things to think about when buying a house. When I purchased my first home, most of the things going through my head were warm-fuzzies and not the practical, prudent things I should have been watching out for. I was the jolly, ho-ho-ho Santa instead of the Santa who checks his list twice. Being thorough and informed is incredibly valuable when buying a house. After all,

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I anticipated my first two weeks of March being hard, especially with the recent separation, birthday (12th), filing for divorce (13th) and anniversary (15th) all in the next two weeks.
But also having another issue come up, is threatening my mental health. I am confused on my next steps and if I am projecting or legitimately pissed.
I have been praying for guidance, peace, and clarity all weekend but I keep coming back to a need to declare war on my family, that will not end well for us. I’ve grown up with a sense of self, family, and faith that in the last year continuously gets trampled in the vain to keep the peace and I am over it. I have to take a stand and do what I feel is best, I doubt I fail but am willing of it beings some resolution and possibly fixes things.

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