Super Basic House Hunting Tips

This was such a great article, I appreciate the candor, especially about not using a camera phone to take the photos, looking forward to this experience

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Let’s have a discussion about house hunting today! I was one of the first of my friends to buy a house, and lots more are either new home owners or are looking to be in the next few years. Because I’ve been in my house for a bit, and I’m clearly into houses, I get asked often about things to look for when you’re house hunting.

Here’s my (unofficial, personal experience based) 2 cents of things to think about when you’re looking at houses/house listings:

  • You might have no idea at all how much money a bank will be willing to loan you. The basic rule of thumb (if you have good credit), is that the bank will lend you 4x the amount of your yearly income. You then need to decide what that would mean monthly for you and if you can take that on… just because they’ll…

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the B Word……BUDGET

How can I effectively budget when I have fluctuating expenses? THE PLAN: I am going from a set bi-weekly paycheck to a weekly paycheck with fluctuating benefits. So I have sat down and created a spreadsheet that I will review monthly based on projections and again quarterly to revise projections.  SEE SNAPSHOT Planning Stages: I … Continue reading the B Word……BUDGET