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Loved this article, he totally gets me, while being picky is nit an actual allergy or dietary restriction it impacts my budget. But not deterred I’m back to try again in February, with meal planning and no spend days to get that Grocery, Eat Out, Social category down.

@OneSmartDollar: You spend how much on food every month?! Last month I ventured into the unknown and created … via @frugalingorg
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Hump Day

Haven’t been feeling 100% but still moving all week, Wonder Woman you know, lol.
Had day off Monday, to observe MLK Holiday, so slept in then took Amia to see the movie Selma.

I have to see it was a great film, must see material. I normally shy away from this type of film because its so hard, and it was, I jumped at church bombing of kids, cried during “Bloody Sunday” material but came to appreciate Dr. and Mrs. King, my marriage, efforts, and lifestyle so much more after this film. To see him struggle with knowing what to do for the many not just him, to question the fight, made him more human.
If Dr. King can question himself, then my self doubtis okay too, you know?
I’m truly blessed to have been able to since 19 years old, effectively take care of my children, grow in my career endeavors, find a mate, manage an illness, just have this great freedom.

Tuesday was busy, was having computer issues at work, unable to get mail chimp to integrate into my WordPress widget, and suffering from amazing heartburn.

And Hump Day, still got heartburn, still having intermittent computer issues, but still pressing on. Missed cafeteria and walked out without lunch, so vending machine was on menu.

And tonight, been on floor for last hour trying to light oven pilot for dinner, guess Fried Chicken it is.

Looking forward to the weekend.

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