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I’ve been using @Digit for about a month and can say its pretty neat to be saving and not have to track, move, or think about it. I’ve only noticed when categorizing my budget weekly. Love it.

@Phandroid: How I learned to stop worrying and let an SMS robot manage my savings
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Enough is enough

Amia was finally able to return to school, but first we had another sleepless night because she was throwing up all over everything, eww. But she got up and went.

Work was productive although I had to redirect myself several ties to stay focused. I absolutely love my job, but at times the constant touching of the same item, drives me crazy. But its rare to find something you are awesome at, appreciated for, and paid well.

So back to Amia, I was able to catch her in a situation that I disagree with but don’t understand why her mind works the way it does. Supposedly, there have been numerous package deliveries before I arrive home, today I dug in the trash to investigate. She denied it at first, then tried to say it was one thing but I later found packaging slip. She ordered a $70 shirt. OMG, what!!!! I frantically check my bank accounts, nothing, then remember my mom leaving a message about using her credit card. Wow, yep she has ran up several charges which she still denies and I have no idea what was purchased.
I tossed her room and can’t find a thing. She still sees no issue, I now have to replace the funds, so budget screwed. Due to constant state interactions she is aware that I am prohibited from disciplining her, she already has limited perks, as I have taken cell phone, tablet, social media access.

I am just so upset, disappointed and confused. I thought we were on a good trend of being mentally stable, for her anyway.

Back to the drawing board to keep myself stable. Still praying

Thanks for listening as always

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