Motivation vs. Discipline

"Motivation is good for about 15 minutes, but what you actually need is discipline which  is good permanently " @jockowollink via Twitter I totally agree, while I am motivated to keep my VA Business going, I can see where the 15 minutes loses its place in my mind and my discipline takes over   and keeps me on my grind. Discipline keeps … Continue reading Motivation vs. Discipline

Smarty Pants……still

I was teased as a kid for being a smarty pants, didn't bother me too much. I still consider myself a smarty pants because I am always trying to figure something out. But I am slowly learning that while my lifelong love of learning is a great characteristic to have,   "Whew" all the things … Continue reading Smarty Pants……still

On My Own Terms

 I love to write these little posts but find that my niche is not being supported by the content I write about. So the question becomes do I buckle down and only write about Administrative topics or do I allow me to just do me? Doing me is so easy, I can sit down and … Continue reading On My Own Terms

Head Spinning (my journey to find business insurance)

Today, I tackle business insurance. I am so confused because there are so many opinions out there on whether or not it’s needed or not in my industry. But in speaking with a licensed agent, I decided its better safe than sorry to have the coverage. With the market becoming saturated with an influx of … Continue reading Head Spinning (my journey to find business insurance)