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This too shall pass


I know in real life its not a failure, but in my heart it is. I’m thankful for those who see me as someone strong, I have a coworker who always remarks on how she admires me, how strong she thinks I am at work. It inspires me in the times when I’m literally crying for my mommy. I also appreciate my mom and sister in law who have silently supported me by being present if I need them.
As my mom said tonight, this too shall pass and I do know that, I am letting go of something wonderful for a greater purpose since I the ultimate daddy’s girl know what that relationship means.

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Family, family, grief, mood


Today has been very quiet, I half expected as much but not really.

It marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of my Granny, the matriarch of our family. I miss her now more than that day, because our lives have completely changed, some for the better but the wish of staying close she had is really over.

I slept in until about noon, Amia is in her room, and no phone calls. On a normal day, super great but today seems ominous.