On My Own Terms

 I love to write these little posts but find that my niche is not being supported by the content I write about. So the question becomes do I buckle down and only write about Administrative topics or do I allow me to just do me? Doing me is so easy, I can sit down and … Continue reading On My Own Terms

Head Spinning (my journey to find business insurance)

Today, I tackle business insurance. I am so confused because there are so many opinions out there on whether or not it’s needed or not in my industry. But in speaking with a licensed agent, I decided its better safe than sorry to have the coverage. With the market becoming saturated with an influx of … Continue reading Head Spinning (my journey to find business insurance)

#ThrowbackThursday: Evolution of My Family

Last Saturday was my Dad's birthday and I came across this photo and how growing up my dad and I were joined at the hip and now with Robin gone, its just me and Cindy. She has her days where she gets on my ever loving nerve, but too she is my mom like never … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday: Evolution of My Family