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Transparency week 12

So the budget has been pretty much screwed but I have been trying to get a hold on it.
Last week I was hit with a garnishment for $370 from a Vet bill which I thought was paid off 2 years ago. I had an automatic payment which seems to draft whenever instead of when scheduled and the vendor claims its my fault, like huh? So just trying to get past the frustration since its almost paid off.
I was able to get 3 erroneous delinquent tradelines removed from my credit report, so on track to raise my score for the home purchase in 2yrs.


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Tweet from @Phandroid

I’ve been using @Digit for about a month and can say its pretty neat to be saving and not have to track, move, or think about it. I’ve only noticed when categorizing my budget weekly. Love it.

@Phandroid: How I learned to stop worrying and let an SMS robot manage my savings http://ift.tt/1Bcpe23 http://twitter.com/Phandroid/status/570619709076475904/photo/1
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Tweet from @onesmartdollar

Loved this article, he totally gets me, while being picky is nit an actual allergy or dietary restriction it impacts my budget. But not deterred I’m back to try again in February, with meal planning and no spend days to get that Grocery, Eat Out, Social category down.

@OneSmartDollar: You spend how much on food every month?! Last month I ventured into the unknown and created … http://bit.ly/18EQBGW via @frugalingorg
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Transparency week 4

To Do List


  • Finalize Logo Design
  • Implement Email Newsletter Sign Up on Blog
  • Dedicate at least an hour to learning more about WordPress, Themes, Design, Etc

Real Worldwpid-img_20150123_182200.jpg

  • Take Amia to see Selma on MLK, to impress upon her why she needs to be more appreciative of things
  • Organize my time better to ensure I am resting properly
  • Don’t sweat Every detail, BREATHE!



  • SNAG-2Meal Plan
  • Stay out of Grocery Store or have a list when going
  • Use Envelope system for Dining budget, too easy to lose track with debit card

Take Aways…..

I thought I was doing better but I guess after tallying up my spreadsheet for the week, my absent minded debit card usage has gotten away from me. So readjusting for the next week to see where I can make up some of this spending and put towards my savings goal.

Due to Amia’s behavior, her funds will be going towards savings for the time being.  I have contacted several resources to see about services to help stabilize her mood. Being proactive in contacting school regularly to stay up to date with her behavior. Her mood is putting extra pressure on me to do more in the home because she refuses to help out, so have to be mindful that we all have moods and just plan accordingly. I do hate washing dishes though, lol

Onward and Upward, I am not deterred

2015 Happy New Year

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Transparency week 3

So payday…..
I paid my rent, splurged on something for the blog, and have resisted the urge to eat out tonight and stress spend.
I’m going to dig myself in and not spend. I don’t need anything and we have all our necessities.
I have a habit of imagining that sales can’t be beat, and its better now type thinking to sabatoge my budget.
I have to change my thinking in order to get this project complete, buying this house is a priority. Amia is acting out, I will reach out to the CSA for help but can’t let ger mood gaslight mine or risk my budget and focus.

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