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WednesdayFund$Day: @CreditChat

It's Wednesday and @Experian as usual is hosting its #CreditChat at 1pm on Twitter. Go Check it out. @FedChoiceFCU wrote "live within your means, not giving in to instant gratification, learn to save" This is great advice that I wholly subscribe to be in my case there is my bipolar mind that wants that instant… Continue reading WednesdayFund$Day: @CreditChat

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the B Word……BUDGET

How can I effectively budget when I have fluctuating expenses? THE PLAN: I am going from a set bi-weekly paycheck to a weekly paycheck with fluctuating benefits. So I have sat down and created a spreadsheet that I will review monthly based on projections and again quarterly to revise projections.  SEE SNAPSHOT Planning Stages: I… Continue reading the B Word……BUDGET