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Loved this article, when growing up I wanted to live in Carytown, because all the houses were painted cute pastel colors and I loved the art community vibe. So fast forward 30yrs, I actually live very close and they were shops not houses, lol. My plan is to buy in that area but only spending up to $100k for a 3 bdrm open concept home.

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What I Wish I Knew as a First Time Home Buyer

Very helpful list. Thanks for writing it all down and sharing

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I’m guessing from the title that you’re aware of the topic of this blog post. The reason for my hiatus is that the past 6 weeks is that I have nearly finished closing escrow on my first home ever.

Now that my hubbie and I have gone through the process, I composed a list of things I wish I knew beforehand as a home buyer. No matter how much research we did, there were just things we could only learn from experience.

Disclosure: Remember, these are from personal experience. I am in no way an expert or pretend to be. Always ask and double check with your state and city laws. Different states have different rules so what works for me may not work for you!

Get ready for a long, long post, so grab a drink and get comfortable. Ready?

Here are things I learned along the way that I…

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