Today at 43, mother of two, age 16 and 22, daughter to mother age 62, I reflect on how I got this far. Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from touchy feely, so this took a lot for me to say.


My daughters don’t get the experience, I had of growing up in an extended family with my Granny and Great Aunts and Uncles. The Village. I prided myself early on with not needing the village, and look here at 43 I am back at home.

At 19 becoming a mother was a check on a list I didn’t want, but I embraced Bri and together we grew up, throwing some of the best parties ever attended, to this day. As she grew up, she grew out but that’s ok too, she is still my number #1 daughter, it says so in my phone, lol.

At 26, I was shocked with Amia, I was finally head back to my original plan and pregnant again. This experience gave me my” best friend”, let me clarify, I don’t have a favorite, I do or die for both and them me, but Amia and I share so much and have experienced so much together that she is like a best friend.

Both girls are dear in their own ways and have shaped my motherhood journey for the better being in my life.

Now for my mom. This is one woman, who through it all has been herself, she doesn’t care if that means selfish, crazy, lazy, or whatever its all Mrs. Whittaker, with 2-T’s. As my older self reflects on my younger self, I didn’t value her, heck maybe up to recently I didn’t value her, although always loving her. (By value, I mean giving her quirks, rules, way of doing things the respect it should have gotten because it made her who she was.)

On this Mother’s Day 2018, I can say that I am truly and genuinely grateful for my girls and my mom. They all are shaping me into a better woman in my old age, ha ha.

Nakia D. Whittaker-Woody xoxoxo





Wonder Woman, in my OWN mind…

Today I started, there was no rhyme or reason, all of a sudden, while supposedly studying for an exam, that was TODAY!!, I just felt in my heart that today was the day. I cranked out my trusty graphics with CANVA assistance, sent proofs to some friends, and sent them to my followers on social media.

It was Mania, but I didn’t let it go to waste or cause disarray in my life. I took my meds, said my prayers, paid my bills, stuck to my budget, and opened my business.

Today I started…

Oh by the way, the exam went fine, I knew the information so hopefully I gain this certification for work. I still plan to take the PACE Certification in September when I go to the Admin Professional Conference. 

AND TOO…. how are you guys loving the revamped website? All by myself, I accomplished that little feat this week.

I plan to reset this weekend, and head into marketing to get more customers. I already handed out some referral packages that donate 5 hours each of my time for a testimonial.

Nothing like the present to secure my future. What was I waiting on???


The Journey, 20 years in the making

Today is my 20 year Anniversary as an Administrative Assistant. I started this journey out of a need to feed my family. I initially wanted to be an interior designer but became pregnant my first semester of college and had to switch things up a bit. I was always good with office classes in school so it was an easy transition. I started off as a receptionist for Crestar Insurance and then quickly moved up to an Administrative Assistant 4 for SunTrust Mortgage, where I supported 4 departments and 3 Vice Presidents. I love to learn, and I love gadgets, these things have helped me to be on the front line of new software, products, and learning new processes.

What advice would you give someone just starting out as an Assistant?

“I would give the advice I wish someone had given to me – be confident in your own skin. While it is impossible to know everything on day one, it is your responsibility to seek out knowledge before the end of day two.” Ayanna Castro

To add my two cents to Ayanna’s advice to a new Assistant, being a part of a team who has your back is also great for a new Admin, so you have someone to back you up as well as bounce ideas off of.

With my Bipolar Diagnosis, sometimes work just isn’t what my brain wants to do, but with my RCM Team, they understand my limitations when that happens and steps in to support me until I am back to normal.

Also emphasis on seeking out knowledge, in this position you can get stuck because you are here to do a job and sometimes that’s all they (management) wants.

It’s up to you to show you can be and do more. I have never stayed still and don’t plan to now. I thank Becky Shaia at SunTrust Mortgage for taking a chance on a new mom who had no formal experience. Look at me now!tanner-larson-298283-unsplash


Keep My Circle Tight

Thanks to my tight circle of friends who didn’t allow me to get out my square this week due to the extreme pressure I was under. Although I would’ve loved to handle things a different way, the Classy but Me way was the best way and I am delighted with the resulting way I feel.

_Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind._%2

Frustration and Laziness have set in


I Want to Throw My Hands Up and Give Up! But that ain’t me but the devil has been so busy lately that I am exhausted and don’t know where to start to rebuild things. I have my marketing project ready to go but I am waiting on my revamped website which is still not ready. I purchased window decals for the cars and forgot to add my CTA. I am still reeling from being taken advantage of by my first client so that now I absolutely must be paid in advance, which can be touchy for most customers.

I am trying to stay focused, planning to certify with the IAAP-Org in August so studying for that and my SMCP Certification for work.

Just needed to vent, resume regular activities and I will get off my butt as well.

#TBT Class of John Marshall High 93

43 and counting….. (look at that Senior Picture tho, ain’t nothing changed since 17)
Never in a million years did I imagine the life I have now, I was supposed to be an Interior Designer in Atlanta, married, no kids. HA! HA! picture that!
Today, at 43, I have many layers to my life, being a 20 year Veteran Administrative Assistant, Being a Mom to 2 although 1 forgot herself, being a daughter to a particular mother, Starting a New Virtual Assistant Business, Being a Wife and all that entails, being a bad friend who is never available for drinks, being a bipolar advocate and sufferer, and whatever else life throws my way. At times, I balk under the weight but I don’t think anyone but me could do this with such panache and grace. I am classic, while staying low key hood and loving it all.

#IAM accomplished, loved, and still getting it all on my terms.

There are so many layers to the beauty of a rose…….