success is 20

Instead of basing everything off of my 20 year history and experience, I need to step my game up and change my formula. While the experience is important, in this world it may not be enough because I am in all manner “New”. I opened my doors in January 2018 with an idea that I could transfer my knowledge into something similar but new to me. Then on top of the actual idea being new, its new to the customer base here in Richmond, Virginia.

So I need to go back to the drawing board, figure out what my business needs besides customers and what I can do to manage all my business needs while still working full time and being a mom, wife, and daughter.

I think my first step needs to be adamant about finding a business coach instead of just thinking I need one. Then getting the word out about what I can do, being very vocal about my  services and how I can assist potential clients on a part time basis for a reasonable fee. And using the means I have to create opportunities for my business.

These are my core goals people, keep me accountable! Ask me what I’m doing!

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