“Motivation is good for about 15 minutes, but what you actually need is discipline which  is good permanently ” @jockowollink via Twitter

I totally agree, while I am motivated to keep my VA Business going, I can see where the 15 minutes loses its place in my mind and my discipline takes over   and keeps me on my grind. Discipline keeps me focused while I find customers, learn the various software and take on the new skills for when my business time to fly comes. I’ve always been persistent when it comes to something I want, so this is no different. I am taking this down time with no clients to take make me a better fit and better business for my client.

Growing up in a military household gave me the discipline that has served me well as an adult especially in my career. Now I plan to use it to ensure I have a successful Virtual Assistant Career, even if I have to change my route to get to the destination.


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