20150131_171516.jpg I love to write these little posts but find that my niche is not being supported by the content I write about. So the question becomes do I buckle down and only write about Administrative topics or do I allow me to just do me? Doing me is so easy, I can sit down and just bang out some topic that is on top of my head that day and pic a graphic and boom, I’m done, I’ve blogged for the day. But in the end is that propelling my brand or is it a cop out of me just saying I blogged and checking off my list of things I am supposed to do. I decided that this brand and this business is going to be what I make of it, and being genuine is one of my characteristics, this blog would be less interesting if I just stuck to the basics of teaching you how to do Administrative tasks which I want you to come to me to do anyway. Case Closed!

@Paulahickeyva via Twitter said, ” Don’t feel you need to #blog everyday, Simply choose a frequency and be consistent about it.”

So today is #Wendesdayfundsday, and I always try to throw out a tip that has helped me in my constant journey to be credit worthy. So hear is a #Tip from @JeanRHamby who was my Supervisor at my very first administrative assistant job in SunTrust Mortgage, back in 1998. She taught me at a very impressionable time to work hard, save, and always have a back up plan. With her friendship, I learned to do taxes professionally as a second job (Back Up), Build My 401k with out even noticing (Save), and to stay focused and learn all I could (Work Hard). These tips continue to help me. Every time I get a raise, I put 1/2 of it in my 401k.



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