tucker-good-499943-unsplashLaRay Quy, SmartBrief says that being comfortable is bad for your career, and gives 5 ways to move outside your comfort zone.  I agree, being comfortable can make you stale in your position and give you a false sense of being in your position. No position is safe, you must always be looking to grow and expand your role by volunteering and looking for more responsibility. That is how I have gone from being the Receptionist, to an Office Services Rep, to the CFRE Operations and Planning Coordinator, to Call Center Admin and now RCM Administrator.

In my current position, I’ve learned the roles of my team mates as backups, volunteered to troubleshoot and facilitate learning our CMMS program, giving me additional skills endorsements for my LinkedIn Profile. I also keep my ego in check as mentioned in the article, ensuring that I am able to learn from everyone, no matter the role. Even mentoring the Call Center, a position once held, I am able to learn things from the current Call Center Admins that never dawned on me while I was in the position. The article mentions never staying in a position for more than a set period, but I don’t agree. I have been in my position for 3 1/2 years but have been in this job for 13 years, changing roles and evolving with each opportunity. This year, I will attend my first conference, ASAP in Florida. The article touches on enlarging your core competency. I am nervous but looking forward to networking, learning more in my wheelhouse and testing myself by taking the PACE Certification test.

“It is having the mental toughness to always be humble and always strive to reach peak performance”, LaRae Quy.

Timothy Ferriss said “Focus on being productive instead of being busy.” I try each day to make sure that I am productive not just looking like I’m doing something. There is a tangible product produced from each set of tasks that I engage in, thereby making it productive. Whether it be documenting a procedure of something I am doing for the first time or making a process more streamlined for the next person. I find being productive to be a successful way to manage my desk.

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