Hurricane Spinning Photo by NASA

Today, I tackle business insurance.

I am so confused because there are so many opinions out there on whether or not it’s needed or not in my industry.

But in speaking with a licensed agent, I decided its better safe than sorry to have the coverage. With the market becoming saturated with an influx of entrepreneurs, who know when the wind will change and it be a requirement.

But where do you get this insurance? What kind do I actually need? Can I bundle it with my regular renters and auto insurance?

I was able to glean from a post in one of my Facebook Groups, that State Farm may be a good option. Great, my mom has a super State Farm Agent in Mechanicsville, Virginia (Robin was awesome today although she couldn’t quote it she was a wealth of information).

I also did an internet search for business insurance and came up with Insureon (312-690-4122) and BizInsure (1-877-900-9998), both were able to give me quotes but not for the same thing, SMH. Insureon gave me a General Liability Quote while BizInsure was able to quote the O&E Policy. Whereas, I am told I need both. Can anybody quote both in the same policy? Why such a hard thing to find and quote.

O&E? Professional Liability vs. General Liability, my head is spinning as I spend my day on the phone trying to learn about the insurance industry and what is needed for my little ol business to protect me and clients, while working my 9-5.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow:)

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