Today I started, there was no rhyme or reason, all of a sudden, while supposedly studying for an exam, that was TODAY!!, I just felt in my heart that today was the day. I cranked out my trusty graphics with CANVA assistance, sent proofs to some friends, and sent them to my followers on social media.

It was Mania, but I didn’t let it go to waste or cause disarray in my life. I took my meds, said my prayers, paid my bills, stuck to my budget, and opened my business.

Today I started…

Oh by the way, the exam went fine, I knew the information so hopefully I gain this certification for work. I still plan to take the PACE Certification in September when I go to the Admin Professional Conference. 

AND TOO…. how are you guys loving the revamped website? All by myself, I accomplished that little feat this week.

I plan to reset this weekend, and head into marketing to get more customers. I already handed out some referral packages that donate 5 hours each of my time for a testimonial.

Nothing like the present to secure my future. What was I waiting on???