The Journey, 20 years in the making

Today is my 20 year Anniversary as an Administrative Assistant. I started this journey out of a need to feed my family. I initially wanted to be an interior designer but became pregnant my first semester of college and had to switch things up a bit. I was always good with office classes in school so it was an easy transition. I started off as a receptionist for Crestar Insurance and then quickly moved up to an Administrative Assistant 4 for SunTrust Mortgage, where I supported 4 departments and 3 Vice Presidents. I love to learn, and I love gadgets, these things have helped me to be on the front line of new software, products, and learning new processes.

What advice would you give someone just starting out as an Assistant?

“I would give the advice I wish someone had given to me – be confident in your own skin. While it is impossible to know everything on day one, it is your responsibility to seek out knowledge before the end of day two.” Ayanna Castro

To add my two cents to Ayanna’s advice to a new Assistant, being a part of a team who has your back is also great for a new Admin, so you have someone to back you up as well as bounce ideas off of.

With my Bipolar Diagnosis, sometimes work just isn’t what my brain wants to do, but with my RCM Team, they understand my limitations when that happens and steps in to support me until I am back to normal.

Also emphasis on seeking out knowledge, in this position you can get stuck because you are here to do a job and sometimes that’s all they (management) wants.

It’s up to you to show you can be and do more. I have never stayed still and don’t plan to now. I thank Becky Shaia at SunTrust Mortgage for taking a chance on a new mom who had no formal experience. Look at me now!tanner-larson-298283-unsplash


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