#WednesdayFund$Day: Debt Gameplan

We’ve all been there, hiding from the mailman, sending calls to voicemail, just avoiding the whole subject, but Debt can be managed, BUT first you must acknowledge the debt. Sit down with all the piles of mail and open them, then request your FREE ANNUAL Credit Report from the Credit Bureaus to make sure you have all the debt in front you. Create a spreadsheet, this will help manage the debt, also will help you see where you have duplicates and where the debt has been sold. Then you are going to FOCUS, where can you find the extra funds to pay down these debts? Make a Gameplan, is it a new side hustle (Yeah Over Here), is it cutting off the Cable, what can you do? Then Just Do It, Stick To It until you see a clear path out of the debt.

I hope this helped you, debt is a struggle for many, myself included but this was my strategy and I hope you can find one that works for you.




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