The New Business Owner & her teen

daniel-cheung-129838  This week has been so frustrating, while I expect to be doing my part to start this business, I kinda expected some sort of support from “The Teen”. Instead, the site went down on Tuesday, site came back up (YAY), but business email (G SUITE) has not, so I feel like I’m missing something. Now back to “The Teen”, she takes her time when she needs a ride, she takes an UBER for no reason to go home instead of to an appointment to which I had to leave work for, then she wants to go out for the night. I have requested 3 task all week and none of them have been done but yet I relent and give her the money to go. She complains that I am working too much but I am determined to get this setup and running in the next month. I can do this, right??? I know I can, I know she just misses her mom having her be the center of attention. Got to find a way to juggle all–new business, work, and the TEEN!

Rant over, thanks for listening

Author: Nakia Dawn Whittaker-Woody

I work full time as an Administrative Professional, which I enjoy very much. My favorite past times are DIY crafts , Retro Gaming, and Marvel Comic based movies. I also am a proud Geek and Mental Health Advocate. My two daughters and I live in Richmond Virginia. Email me at Phone: (804) 256-5599