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I find myself reevaluating my budget created back in November. With unexpected expenses, job change, fluctuating income, I’ve been on a roller-coaster. I like the idea od budgeting in for splurging, have reallocated paid off expenses to use for half fun and half accelerated payoff of my car loan.

Work in progress

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What could you stand to be more relaxed about?

Oprah’s question of the month, has me perplexed because while my finances are big, they are an easy stop being spoiled fix. My familial relationships seems bigger at the moment.

I have yet to file for divorce, am not speaking to my sister, staying conscientiously away from certain other relatives and have opened the door to my oldest daughter again.

Turning 40 has opened some thoughts but stubborn me is holding on to how I want things to be.

We shall see

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