Transparency week 5

This week was an roller coaster emotionally but I hosted a pity party and then I got my butt up and kept moving.

The Meal Plan was a success, so that will continue. I was able to plan a menu on Thursday night, based on current freezer/cabinet and shop without any issues yesterday for the upcoming week.

This month had 5 weeks, I see by my tracking that I definitely need to cut back on eating out of convenience, and replenishing things out of schedule. It was the first month of my new budget so very informative lessons learned.

I was able to file my taxes finally yesterday, and surprisingly they were both accepted within an hour. I have used TurboTax Free File for as long as I can remember so I recommend, its easy to navigate, and through the site most times FREE. I had to reconfigure my savings plan though because my refund was smaller this year, but it only spurs me to be more focused on the monthly budget to get that savings for our home purchase.

I spent most of the day trying to learn how to make a watermark with my logo, as well as CSS coding for the blog. I am a lifetime learner so It was interesting. While playing with updating my desktop, found a software that was free from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer, that allowed me to use my desktop fonts on my blog posts. So this post is being written with that app. And here I was about to purchase a new Lenovo Yoga 2 10 inch tablet for my blog, maybe a cost savings.

Looking forward to the next week, now back to relaxing at home.


Author: Nakia Dawn Whittaker-Woody

I work full time as an Administrative Professional, which I enjoy very much. My favorite past times are DIY crafts , Retro Gaming, and Marvel Comic based movies. I also am a proud Geek and Mental Health Advocate. My two daughters and I live in Richmond Virginia. Email me at Phone: (804) 256-5599