Realignment for Week 3

So after my light reading plugged my data in for the budget, epic realignment needed. I knew i made some errors last week, going to Grocery store hungry although with a list. I hosted an impromptu party which I spent $140 so my $250 grocery budget end up being $75.32 over.

So I have preplanned my menu based on freezer for next two weeks to compensate and will ensure that i stick to my list, menu, coupons and budget.

In other news, according to @creditkarma, my credit score increased 8pts, including closing the co-signed car tradeline. I spoke with my credit union regarding opening a secured card.

My mood has been good, not racing, guess I’ve been so busy at work that the racing mind took a break too, lol.

Amia got put out until I take her back, so that has been a struggle, to be a good mom but also be accountable at work.

Husband is putting forth effort which I see so appreciative but still praying for my marriage.

It was all in all a good week.

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