As mentioned before I was raised going to church, I have knowledge,  faith, and love for God while not currently attending church, BUT I do also try to live a balance life. I have for years allowed unrealistic demands from people majority family to cause me harm. Whether physical because of jealousy or financial because of misplaced loyalty, so why NOW when I’m content in my own skin finally to live for me do I hear the need to turn the other cheek and always forgive?
SERIOUSLY, I have no more cheeks, dollars, and just can’t emotionally or financially handle another setback, I’m almost 40 years old.
WHY is it ok for you to not change your wrong ways and continously want a pass? WHY must I have to allow one?
I just want to be happy in my own rite, those who can respect that, cool, those that can’t I am fine in my own world getting my goals accomplished, FINALLY doing what I want


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2 thoughts on “Can I live….

  1. Sometimes family and friends can cause the most damage since they know they can take advantage of the relationship. (Whether done intentionally or not.) Do you and make yourself happy. It’s so hard but let 2015 be about you!


  2. Every person should live their own life as they see fit. I am quite familiar with others ‘telling’ me how my life would be better if only… We are destined to end the walk down life’s road by ourselves, shouldn’t we be the ones to chose how we will walk it? Congratulations on your choice to do what you want!


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