Five Money Habits to Break in 2015

Guilty of “shopping for a great deal” to justify buying things I don’t remotely have a need for. Thanks, great accountability article.


A Letter to Y'all

Dear Folks With, or Seemingly Without, Money,

If you are trying to get better control of your finances in 2015 then it may be time to look at the bad money habits you already have. And, really, who couldn’t use better control of their money?

  • The first major money habit to break in 2015, is taking money advice from broke people. Yes, I am telling you not to just take my advice. My husband and I don’t really fall into the broke category anymore, but we are still a long way from the rich category too. We hope to be rich some day, and we realize that means we need to look for and listen to people who already ARE rich. If you are taking money advice from the girl behind the counter at the bank, you are doing things wrong. If you are taking advice from some one who…

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