Never Scared….


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I was once ashamed to let people in for fear of being judged. Now I know that sharing my story helps to encourage others. #instarepost20

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Author: Nakia Dawn Whittaker-Woody

I work full time as an Administrative Professional, which I enjoy very much. My favorite past times are DIY crafts , Retro Gaming, and Marvel Comic based movies. I also am a proud Geek and Mental Health Advocate. My two daughters and I live in Richmond Virginia. Email me at Phone: (804) 256-5599

One thought on “Never Scared….

  1. That’s why I wrote Mothering Through Bipolar. By sharing my story as a mother with bipolar disorder I wanted to encourage others and help them know they are not alone. I’m glad you’ve come to a point where you can share yours. To me, that means acceptance.


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