@MomsNCharge: Are you keeping someone from breaking out of prison by not sharing your testimony? http://bit.ly/1vz3mav via @MomsNCharge
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Author: Nakia Dawn Whittaker-Woody

I work full time as an Administrative Professional, which I enjoy very much. My favorite past times are DIY crafts , Retro Gaming, and Marvel Comic based movies. I also am a proud Geek and Mental Health Advocate. My two daughters and I live in Richmond Virginia. Email me at Nakia@MrsWhittakerWoody.com Phone: (804) 256-5599

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    1. I appreciate the compliment, I actually did complete it all myself, so as a newbie I am super proud. I used the free themes, self hosted through Godaddy.com with my own domain, and created my logo with picmonkey.com which is also free. I have hired someone to create a branding package for my site from Etsy $35 but just to polish it.

      Feel free to ask any questions.



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