Emotional Rollercoaster

Marriage is ____________ insert any adjective in the dictionary, I can say in the few months of being married I have felt the gamut of emotions and its actual WORK!

I have never done anything that frustrates and motivates me at the same time in life, and I am a parent to two daughters. I thought waiting till I was older and more settled, till the girls were older and didn’t need as much would have made the transition better but BOY was I wrong. I am having an unusual emotional phase this winter for some reason and require a little more from the spouse than usual and he is just not showing up. I am praying for guidance and to continue to put in the work but I am lost right now. I have so much swirling in my head and my usual comfort zone, my spouse, seems to be on my hit list as well. I know my emotions are in my head and he probably hasn’t done anything but after 10 years, why can’t he know how to evade and/or not make worse issues when I am in this state. I feel so conflicted and tired, I am barely focused on anything, which I hate, guess it’s time to try to use my own coping methods to get back to my right state, before making decisions that I will regret.

I have reached out to get an appointment setup to see doctor.

Author: Nakia Dawn Whittaker-Woody

I work full time as an Administrative Professional, which I enjoy very much. My favorite past times are DIY crafts , Retro Gaming, and Marvel Comic based movies. I also am a proud Geek and Mental Health Advocate. My two daughters and I live in Richmond Virginia. Email me at Nakia@MrsWhittakerWoody.com Phone: (804) 256-5599