Saving for a home

Great ideas i have the separate savings account, its a thought to start paying pretend rent. Thanks

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saving for a house

Most people today are scared to buy a home. it is mostly because people don’t have enough down payment saved or cannot afford house payments or they have credit card debt. It is going to hard  but if we start saving small and take baby steps we can get there.When my husband and I first thought about buying a house we only had $20,000 in our savings. In bay area, a single family house costs $600K+ now and a town home costs $500K+.Where will we get the money for a 20% down payment?

It took us 4 years to save for a house and we made the 20% down payment.we also had $10,000 left in our savings after closing costs. I would have liked more but we found the perfect house and we went for it. Here are a few tips that helped us build our home fund.

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